How Media Matchup Works


How do you maximize the benefit of your media hit.  How will you use social media? How fast will the link go up on your website?   If you are a non-profit organization, how soon will your board learn about it?

Best Practice:  We can get a strong package together with tight messages, focused strategy, potential stories for the media.

  •  On the lookout. We respond to relevant queries from Help a Reporter Out which broadcasts reporter queries 3x/day.  You could subscribe to this free service yourself but waiting for queries is not your job.  It is mine.  There is special pricing if you choose this piece only. We’ll talk. 
  •  Message Coaching. You may be an expert at something really fascinating, important or amusing but how clear is your message?  Let’s distill your message so that you are a good interviewee.
  • We pitch the media on your behalf.  Not only are we reacting to media queries, we use our contacts to create stories around you.
  •  Startup + Stayup Strategizing. How do you keep all those balls in the air? What do you work on first?  How do you create a timeline, let alone stick to it?  This is the fun stuff!

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