Following my experience with breast cancer and the loss of both my parents within a short period of time, I took the lessons learned and became a Personal Life Coach. I’ve enjoyed 15 years of this work and I am always eager to partner with new clients. I love learning what people are thinking about, where their sticking points are and then partnering with them to actualize their dreams.

Here are the areas that seem to be hot right now:

ideaEntrepreneurial Empowerment – I love this! Do you have an idea in your head that you just cannot let go of but at the same time can’t move forward? I have helped people launch non-profit orgs, create spiritual communities, tighten up their business communication and more.

eleanor rooseveltDeCluttering – As I have said — we are all connected and if you can’t find your keys to get out there and make this world a better place, we all suffer. Visit my website to learn more.

Time Management – Where does the time go? I will help you find it.

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