Coaching the resistance

img_0446Since the change in administration, many of us are working hard to resist policies and practices that we oppose–and need to also find balance in taking care of ourselves.

The fact that I am now inserting political action into my website is not lost on me. It has taken much thought and inner debate about how to integrate coaching for resistance into my practice. There is much at stake, more daily assaults than many of us can process and too much work to be done to lose our center.

Now more than ever, we cannot burnout; we must remain charged and activated. It is easy to fade and succumb to mind-numbing exhaustion. I understand. I am here to coach you in the resistance. I need you to stay strong, healthy and clear–and be part of positive, healing change that will bring our communities and country back to balance..

Here is a special package to help you continue the cycle of resist, replenish and re-enter.


SESSION ONE: What’s going on for you / what are you doing to support yourself / what will you commit to doing ?

SESSION TWO: How is it working / what do we have to tweak / what have you learned / what do we keep or toss?

SESSION THREE: How do you keep this energy sustained for the long haul / what commitments are you making / how likely are you to keep them?

Contact me — like everything happening now, we will do this together. I need you activated and you need me to keep you that way.