About Gari

I have been working in some form of communications throughout my professional life. I began as a teacher of deaf kids at the PA School for the Deaf, piloting an early language acquisition program for two-year olds and their parents. I left the classroom before I burned out and have been working in an expanded world of communications, advertising and public relations ever since.

Following my experience with breast cancer and the loss of both my parents within a short time, I took the lessons learned and became a Personal Life Coach. Knowing that the quality of your whole life depends on how you live each day, I work with folks to promote productive, balanced, happy and meaningful lives.  

Now I merge my experience in Communications with my strengths as a Life Coach, bringing added value to all the work I do.

Here are some good reasons why you may contact me:

  • You need help developing critical timelines.
  • You need help adhering to them as well.
  • You are overwhelmed by clutter and can’t get out the door.
  • You are in a high-pressured, high volume-producing position and need to strategize time and team management.
  • You may lose grant $$ because you can’t get out of your own way.
  • You just received a grant and need a project manager for a short period of time.
  • You want to make a career change and need someone to help you discern next steps.
  • You always work better when you are accountable to someone