Presenters: Let’s model the behavior we are talking about!

Last week I attended an emergency preparedness presentation on behalf of a synagogue client. As we all know, there has been an uptick in anti-semitic actions so this presentation was important. It smartly opened with a talk ab the importance of self care. The talk was full of good intentions but was beyond boring, uninspiring and the only thing it really offered was a chance for everyone to once again check cellphones, get on their computers, etc.

What a missed opportunity! We could have easily illustrated the importance of community with Pop-Ups or a  “Me Too” or two.  Water bottles could have been handed out to address physical needs as we know that hydration combats fatigue. Pads of paper, colored pens and a few prompts could have opened a small door into journaling.

You smell what I’m cooking here.

The material that followed the self-care presentation was cerebral and critically important. We had a chance to get out of our heads and have a full-bodied communal experience…truly a missed opportunity and one that hardly addressed self-care.

Contact me: I can bring a responsible and energizing self-care workshop to you and your staff.