As a clear thinker and team player, I want to help you work efficiently to meet your objectives in these challenging times. My interpersonal skills, life coach training and years working in communications make me a strong agent on your behalf.

I am most excited about Media Matchup and the work I do with emerging entrepreneurs and organizations doing good work.  We tighten messages, get  — and maximize — media exposure, strategize, schedule and sweat together.  I give you 100% attention and provide a structure for accountability as you grow your business.  And my wish is that it is done with ease and joy.

Bradley Cooper is a Hiway Screen Saver!
Bradley Cooper is a Hiway Screen Saver!

Why is Bradley Cooper’s picture is here instead of mine?  If you were standing inches away from him as he represented a campaign you created, you would have him on your home page too!  Read about the Hiway Theatre’s Screen Saver campaign and the time we hosted the CBS Sunday Morning interview with Bradley Cooper in my client’s movie theater.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please consider contacting me even if your thoughts are a bit unformed.  That’s part of the process!


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