againIn the true spirit of interconnection, I need you activated to bring your passion and mission to this world. As a communications consultant and life coach I want you or your organization to get your good work and important message out there — we need each other.

My newest project is Crowdsourcing Delight, created because we each have skills and passions that are of interest or can be of benefit to others.

Crowdsourcing Delight brings an array of curated classes and experiences presented by Guides (also known as experts, amateurs, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and pros) to Adventurers – folks interested in learning and doing. It embodies a grassroots sharing of info and fun where the stakes are low and the enthusiasm is high. New classes are presented every week.

It’s all an expression of my Life Coaching business. As a coach, I listen, tease out objectives and create timelines and milestones while you provide your own knowledge and desire. It is a true partnership that ensures success. My wish is that you do the work with ease and joy and in a way that is organically sustainable for the long haul.

If you would like a full hour coaching sample session, click here. Scroll down the list of offerings and find the Individual Coaching Sample Session. (You may see a Crowdsourcing Delight class that looks good along the way!) 

In all honesty, my reaction to living in these times of COVID quarantine is not set in one place. Each day is different. I do know that when I am in service to others, helping them navigate the new normal, I am thinking clearer and can help others develop structures, timelines, accountability touchstones – even set up a work from home office. I can partner with you so you are not spinning, wondering how to get or stay motivated.

People turn to me to actualize those fabulous projects spinning in their minds.  Then there is my booming decluttering coaching. It’s really the same thing – what is stopping you from doing your thing, bringing your passion, smarts and talent to the world. Sometimes it’s stuff around you. Sometimes its stuff inside you.