againIn the true spirit of interconnection, I need you activated to bring your passion and mission to this world. As a communications consultant and life coach I want you or your organization to get your good work and important message out there — it is needed.

When we work together I listen, tease out objectives and create timelines and milestones while you provide your expertise and desire. It is a true partnership that ensures success. My wish is that you do the work with ease and joy and in a way that is organically sustainable for the long haul.

What’s new for right now? I am offering a special summer service to  non-profit organizations to increase flow and efficiency in their office. Take some time to clean up and clear out stuff that is draining your staff’s energy and ability to think strategically. Together we will pull focus and determine the best way to use your space — and therefore your time. It is a mashup of the work I do as a decluttering coach and non-profit consultant.